August 21, 2017
 Al-Omran - Cultural & Islamic Magazine



Al-omran is Development, Establishment, Cultivation, and Stewardship. It is sympathetic cooperation, tempered rationally, and trust in the moral depth of human endeavor.

  • Publishing an Islamic journal in both Arabic, and English disseminating Islamic thought in an objective manner free of fanaticism and partisanship in an attempt to establish justice on earth.

  • Attempting to understand the real role of individuals and their interactions in establishing civilization.

  • Critically examining the ideas, trends, philosophies, and ideologies presented in the name of Islam in an effort to develop a rigorous, yet inclusive Islamic narrative.

  • Providing a forum for introducing and discussing the revivalist Islamic thinkers relevant to the Muslims in North America, both immigrant and indigenous, irrespective of where such thinkers live and work.

  • Encouraging revivalist Islamic thinkers among immigrant population in North America and the rest of the world to bring out the true contribution of Islam to civilization.

  • Addressing, with a constructive critical mentality, the intellectual and practical issues facing Muslims and their wider societies.

  • Al-Omran upholds communication in both languages while stressing the importance of the Quranic language as the common denominator of all Muslims irrespective of their birthplaces.


Publisher/Editor-in-chief (Ahmed K. Zebian)

- Born in Mdoukha-Bekaa Valley - Lebanon

- President of the cultural council of Rashayya district

- Ex-secretary general of the Arab socialist Union (Nasserite, political party)

- Ex-secretary of many social and educational organizations

- Founder and owner of Al-Omran magazine

- Some past work (part 1, part 2, part 3)


Ahmed K. Zebian (Editor-In-Chief)